Say Hello! to the Open Web - Mozilla

How do you feel when your are free to do anything?
Open web is about the ability to openly publish content, articles and applications on the web in open standards or coding, implementing or accessing the content,code or web-apps etc.
And think about the situation when you are in an Exam and trying to solve a problem and a teacher is standing beside you and watching. How do you feel? That is the Non-Open Web.

Difference between Open web and Non Open web

You can publish and reach hundreds of millions of people by publishing a content, article, photograph etc.

Open Web Example:

  • Open formats for freely publishing what you write, photograph, video and otherwise create, author, or code (e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript, JPEG, PNG, Ogg, WebM etc.).
  • Domain name registrars and web hosting services that, like phone companies, don't judge your content.
  • Cheap internet access that doesn't discriminate based on domains.
  • The idea of an open Internet is the idea that the full resources of the Internet and means to operate on it are easily accessible to all individuals and companies. This often includes ideas such as net neutrality
  • Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc

Non - Open Web Example:

  • Formats: many media formats controlled by patent pools, e.g. even publishing H.264 video is at the mercy of "MPEG LA". Supposedly it's free to publish free video, but if you want to publish video and charge for it, you have to pay them royalties. Not open.
  • Domain name registrars: just this week,, the registrar for .ly domains restricts on contents. Not open.
  • Censored internet access: numerous countries censor access to the internet.
  • Flash player is a property of Adobe. So the flash content on web is Not open.

What is Mozilla's relation with Open Web?

Mozilla is not only the Firefox browser maker. It is an Non Profit organization running by a passionate global community. The most popular web browser Firefox is a project of Mozilla. Not just that, the softwares projects by Mozilla are Thunderbird, Firefox Mobile, Firefox OS etc.
Mozilla is playing a major role in open web campaign by making aware people about open web.
Together, we’re able to create and innovate with local interests in mind, while making the Web better and more accessible for everyone everywhere. -Mozilla
Individuals who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many benefits of Firefox & other Mozilla products are welcome to the community. They can join, create, learn, enjoy the openness.
At the end I'd like to thank Mozilla for giving us such community and the openness and I'm very happy and excited also being a student ambassador.

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Now Embed Facebook Videos on Websites

After normal posts, photos now you can embed #Facebook videos on websites. Liu announced its new embeddable video player at F8 developer conference on Wednesday
 "Every single day, people are viewing more than 3 billion videos on Facebook," ~Liu said at Facebook's F8 developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.
There’s a clear technology trend enabling people to share richer and richer content.Five years ago, most content on Facebook was text. Now it’s photos. Fast forward five years and it will be video. After that, it will be immersive content like virtual reality. ~Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post

How to Embed videos from Facebook 

Its simple, Just open the video post and click option then Click Embed Video and the code will be generated automagically. 
Now Copy that code and place where you want to embed that video.
Happy sharing.

Microsoft's New Spartan Browser Coming with Windows10

Its not just a rumour anymore. Its officially announced that Windows 10 is coming with a new web browser 'Spartan' for both PC and MOBILE.
Microsoft's Internet Explorer was not just the most problematic web browser, It was also a headache for web developers. When other popular browsers started supporting HTML5, IE did not. After all when a technology gets older the Internet Explorer starts supporting it. That is why IE was loosing its users. According to the W3Schools Browser statistics in Feb 2015 Internet Explorer users worldwide are 8.0% where as Google Chrome has 62.5% and Mozilla FireFox has 22.9% users worldwide. That statistics also says that From 2002 to 2015 the IE users are gradually decreasing.
Good news it that Microsoft is thinking about that and they hope this Spartan project will bring back the users. Report says that Spartan will be the default web browser in Windows10
The Spartan engine has interoperability at its core and consumes the same markup sent to other modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome.
The new Spartan's EdgeHTML Engine is using WebGL API for 2D and 3D graphics and so the javascript experience will be more exciting according to the Different benchmarks.

The most Exciting thing in Spartan is that it includes the Microsoft Cortana Intelligent personal Assistant. The voice assistant will be there in the browser whenever you need it. It will answer your questions while browsing.

It also supports in browser note taking. Comments and Annotations can be added in anywhere in a page, it'll never be connected to the web though. Its just for the user end.

But you have to wait until the technical preview of the Spartan releases.

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How to Protect wp-config.php file in Wordpress with .htaccess

If you know about the Wp-config.php file then I'm sure you know that how much important it is.
And for those who don't know, In wordpress wp-config.php is the file which holds all critical information about database, including username, password, host and database name.
So make yourself safe from hackers by protecting it by using the .htaccess file.

Simply add the following lines in the .htaccess file

<Files wp-config.php>

order allow,deny

deny from all


10 Free Premium HTML5 Blogger Templates 2015

Blogger is always been free and fantastic. Now Give your Blogger blog a premium look by using some alluring HTML5 templates.
Here we’ll showcase 10 free high-quality Blogger Templates for your blog. You don't have to worry about mobile view because they all are device friendly and responsive. While they are generally free, always remember to check the license first for any restrictions or guidelines.
For Free Wordpress Templates Click Here.

1. Sora Moon

Sora Moon is a minimal Theme designed for blogger. It provides many features that blogger will love it. Sticky post, Social share in each post, many post formats such as Video, Audio, Soundcloud(audio). Sora Moon Blogger Template comes with a stunning design, stylish features and fully responsive nature which is perfect for creating online news, magazine or gossip websites in no time at all.

2. Sycon 

Sycon is a personal blog theme with a clean & flat design. Sycon is one of the better choice for a blog, especially a professional blog. Sycon is simple blog theme for your needs and it works well with all desktop and mobile devices and has ton of built-in features.

3. Grid

Grid is a grid-based, responsive minimalistic Blogger theme suitable for any kind of creative, personal or business use. It is the fully responsive HTML5 & CSS3 template that best used for blogging, personal portfolio, even business portal.

4. Sora Mag

Sora Mag is a complete Blogger theme for a news or magazine site with the focus of attracting and keeping visitors on their site. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’ s fast, simple, and easy to use. Not only is it responsive but it also keeps that magazine feel right down to mobile screen sizes. Practically every typographic element has been endlessly tweaked for different screen sizes to make sure it looks great no matter what the device.

5. Sorallax

Sorallax is a most advanced landing page template for blogger which provides lots of incredible features. Sorallax is a responsive blogger template so you don't have to worry about its style on different devices. In Sorallax you can feel the animations on scroll which make this theme more attractive.

6. Simple Tech

Simple Tech is an awesome tech blogging templates which is ready right out of the box to display your content like the biggest, baddest magazines-turned-websites do it. Simple Tech is fast loading and responsive, we have added lots of seo settings to this theme which will help you to rank higher in SERP. Every element of this theme is well crafted and makes your site look professional website and you get maximum exposure to your content and it is having one of the best awaiting features that Supports Multi Author from Google+ System.

7. Sora Red

Sora Red is a blogger template with a awesome functional design that not only looks great but also performs exceptionally too. It is a responsive design; which means it can fit seamlessly into any screen size.

8. Layla

Layla is a blogger template that has clean and professional design suitable for any niche. It’s created using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. With a responsive design it will easily fit on any device screen and it comes in boxed and wide layout.

9. Magnet

Magnet is a Responsive blogger template. It supports many formats like Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video, Image, Status and Audio. For video and audio post formats, it is really easy to embed video and audio files to posts. Magnet Blogger Template has beautiful slider just below header for intro text or anything like that. For standard articles, the main focus is on content. Magnet Blogger Template is having one of the best awaiting features that Supports Multi Author from Google+ System.

10. Boxer Blog

Boxer is specially designed for Blogging purpose. It is stylish as well as cool personal Blogger Template which is suitable for any type of Personal blog, Tech blog, Journal, Story, Corporate and other related projects. Boxer is designed to post all Images and Videos as well from Blogger Dashboard.

Open Full Facebook Profile Picture Even They are Locked [New Method]

How nice it was when we did it just by removing some strings from profile picture url right?
#Facebook is getting secured day by day, so that vulnerability has been fixed.
Don't worry folks, There is a new way to do that and its very easy.

This method is based on the Graph feature of #facebook. Facebook Graph allows an app to get the raw data of a user.
Lets begin,

Go to the victim's Facebook profile and copy the Username from the profile url as in the picture bellow

Now open this url and replace the Username with your victim's username and open it.

You are done! Happy Hacking :)

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